We need your help to restore EFYC Support 6!

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We need your help to restore EFYC Support 6!

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

EFYC maintains a small fleet of sail boats for children to learn in, as well as providing coach boats for the safety and instruction of the sailors. We’ve seen an increase in the junior fleet over the last few years through the pandemic, and we’ve been fortunate enough to gain a brand new RIB. However, our existing support boat, Support 6, which was originally donated to East Fremantle Yacht Club in 2011, has come to a point of no longer being sea-worthy, despite being well maintained and cared for through her years. The inflatable bag has ruptured too many times, beyond the point of being patched. Some of the metal supports have rusted through. The throttle and engine require not regular, but major serving and parts replaced. At a time that she’s needed more than ever to support and save our junior sailors, she’s fast become Submersible 6, instead of Support 6. She’s out of commission now, and needing some help to ensure we can continue to train children.

A go fund me page has been setup by a couple of our members with the aim of raising enough money to restore EFYC Support 6. If you would like to support this great cause please click on the following page https://www.gofundme.com/f/restore-efyc-support-6.

We greatly appreciate your donations!