Classes Sailed at East Fremantle Yacht Club

You can see all the following classes of dinghy sailing at East Fremantle Yacht Club on Saturdays throughout the summer. Below are the websites of each design so you can discover more about which might be the perfect boat for you:

Open Skiff ­– Two-person intermediate sailing dinghy offering racing for boys and girls aged 8-15 years.

National 125 – Two-person intermediate dinghy racing for teens and upwards.

(14ft) Skate – High performance two-person skiff sailing for teens and upwards.

Sharpie – Distinctive design and three-person crew offering tight racing with your mates.

Pelican – Premier training dinghy for junior sailors in Western Australia offering sailing for juniors aged 8-16 years.

Sabre – Arguably the largest single-handed non-Olympic class in Australia, offering sailing for everyone from teens to early 90s.

If you are interested in starting your sailing journey, give the club a call on (08) 9339 8111, or pop down on a Saturday afternoon in summer.

If, like many before, you find the friendly, fun, family atmosphere appealing and impossible to resist, then the next step is to enrol in one of the training courses at the club.