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Training Courses

East Fremantle Yacht Club is a registered Yachting Australia Training Centre and provides various training courses for Children and Adults throughout the year.

1. Junior Sailing Courses


The Get Into Small Boat Sailing Scheme makes learning to sail a fun and educational process. Great for kids, this course builds confidence to sail and race in most conditions.

Sailing a dinghy can be exhilarating and this scheme has been developed to provide a safe introduction to dinghy sailing. If you would like to learn to take control of your own small boat, this is the place to start.

By the end of the program you will have been taught the skills and knowledge required to start racing at East Fremantle Yacht Club or just enjoy being out on the water.

Sail Safely and Enjoyably

The Scheme is designed to progressively teach you how to sail, starting with the essential skills in the first level, with the gradual introduction of more advanced skills and techniques in each of the five levels.

The syllabus is clearly defined and presented in a highly visual and bright logbook that students can use to record their progress through each of the five levels of the syllabus.

The Courses encourage high standards of safety; offer encouragement of proficiency and skill development; introduce students to enjoyable dinghy racing and give them the confidence to enter races; and provide opportunities and facilities for sailors to improve their racing standards.

Junior Courses Offered at East Fremantle Yacht Club

Start Sailing 1

This course is designed to a safe and enjoyable introduction to dinghy sailing for beginners. The course includes fundamental  boat handling skills and essential safety knowledge.

Start Sailing 1 syllabus

Start Sailing 2

We will run this course straight after Start Sailing 1 to give the participant an opportunity to build upon experiences and knowledge gained. You will also obtain a wider range of skills, a higher level of performance and a greater understanding of the responsibilities of the helmsman.

Start Sailing 2 Syllabus

Better Sailing

The participant will be able to apply knowledge of the fundamental boat controls to manoeuvre the boat efficiently in light to moderate conditions on all points of sailing.

Better Sailing syllabus

Racing Skills 1

The aim of this course is to introduce sailors to competitive sailing.  The course focuses on refining enhanced boat handling skills including speed control and manoeuvres and introducing participants to basic racing tactics and strategies.  

Racing Skills 1 syllabus

Racing Skills 2

The Racing Skills 2 course introduces sailors to the compass and also to the concept of ‘tuning’.

Racing Skills 2 syllabus

Course Costs

Start Sailing 1 or 2: Non members: $230; Members: $210  (12hrs course)

Better Sailing or Racing Skills : Members: $195 (per course)

**Start Sailing Courses for Non Members include a Junior Membership for the remainder of the current season(to 30 June)**.

All courses also include a Yachting Australia Log Book (if the participant does not have one already), Insurance and a Certificate of completion.

This is a Yachting Australia accredited course for girls and boys aged 7 to 16 years .

Start Sailing 1 & 2 Enrolment Form (1)

If you have any further questions or would like to know dates for the next course, please call the Club during office hours on 9339 8111 or email

Next Course Dates

  • Start Sailing 1: TBC 
  • Start Sailing 2: TBC
  • Better Sailing: February 2014  - Saturdays from 8.30am to 11.30am

Please contact our On Water Events Coordinator for dates and further details.

2. Adult Sailing Courses


The National Keelboat Scheme is an exciting new development for sailing in Australia. It provides a fun and accessible entry into sailing and gives participants further opportunity to improve and develop sailing skills and techniques.

The courses will equip you with the essentials required to safely sail a small yacht without the fear of capsizing or getting wet! As your skills progress, you will also develop an understanding of each person’s role and how teamwork plays a major part of being an effective crew.

You should come away with the knowledge and confidence to sail a small yacht competently and for those that wish, you can progress to larger yachts or participate as crew on a racing yacht.

“The teaching of pure sailing skills”

The National Keelboat Scheme learn to sail programs are beginner courses designed to maximize the amount of “pure sailing skill” learnt by students without them needing to get wet by sailing in smaller dinghies.

The courses are taught in self righting day boats which are responsive to wind conditions. With a ratio of four students and one instructor, students are compelled to learn the teamwork required and understand the roles of others in sailing small yachts. The courses focus on helming time and practice of sailing skills.

Skill reinforcement – through practice

The keelboat scheme aims to avoid putting too much content into the initial levels of the course and to focus on helming time and practice within the course time allowance.

Each course is 12 hours in duration and each course flows on from the previous. Students are encouraged to continue participating in sailing at the East Fremantle Yacht Club and we will assist you to find yachts to join during scheduled sailing events on Wednesdays and Sundays.

Adult Courses Offered at East Fremantle Yacht Club

Keelboat Crew (KB1)

This keelboat training course is for people with no previous sailing experience and assumes no previous knowledge or skills.

The course will be run over 3 days ie Saturday or Sunday morning of 3 weekends.
Each day will consist of one hour of meeting room talk discussion and some practical rope work followed by  3 hours of on water instruction.

Each group of 4 participants in the on water part will  be accompanied by an  Instructor accredited to the National Keelboat Scheme for at least part one and two.

The school will be overseen by an instructor accredited to “Senior Instructor  National Keelboat Scheme”.

Strong winds or forecast strong winds will be reason to cancel the on water activity.
Generally winds in excess of 15 knots will be reason to cancel.

Each participant will be offered and encouraged to wear a Personal Flotation device during on water activities. Instruction on correct fit and use will be an early priority on boarding the boat.

Generally participants will be rotated through a different boat and instructor on each on water session to broaden the experience of different types of boats. Only boats of less than 8 metres length of agility and light displacement will be used.

It is expected that part 2 of the National Keelboat Scheme will be offered immediately after taking another 12 hours or 3 days.

Next Scheduled Courses dates:  February 2014

Please contact our On Water Events Coordinator for further details.

Keelboat Helm (KB2)

This is a course designed to get you sailing with minimal supervision.

Topics include:
• Sail handling – learn to prepare the sails and rig the boat
• Learn the correct use of halyards, sheets and deck hardware
• Reef and shake out sails whilst underway
• Helm and trim sails effectively on all points of sail
• Helm effectively around a triangular course including tacking and gybing
• Recover a Man Overboard under sail as helm
• Basic weather forecasts
• Emergencies and raising the alarm
• Anchoring the boat
Pre-requisite for attendance: Successful completion of Keelboat Crew (KB1)

Course fee includes 12 hours of instruction and a certificate of completion from Yachting Australia.

Next Scheduled Course datesAPRIL 2014:  5th, 12th and 19th

Keelboat Spinnakers / Racing

This course aims to equip participants with the skills and knowledge necessary to be a useful crew member on inshore and offshore racing yachts. With the introduction of tactics and rules of racing it is a great way to gain more confidence on the race track.

Next Course dates: AUGUST 2014: 2nd, 9th and 16th

Please register your Expression of Interest with our On Water Events Coordinator.

Keelboat Seamanship

This course aims to equip participants with advanced sailing and boat-handling techniques.

Next Course dates: TBC . Please register your Expression of Interest with our On Water  Events Coordinator.

Course Costs

Course Costs:

Course cost for non members: $300
Course cost for members: $260

Course fee includes a Keelboat text book, Yachting Australia log book and certificate of completion from Yachting Australia.

Non Member fee also includes an Associate Membership for the remainder of the current membership season (to 30th of June).
If you have any further questions or would like to know dates for the next course, please call the Club during office hours on 9339 8111 or email

3. Power Boating Courses


Recreational Skippers Ticket

All persons in charge of recreational power craft including jet skis and yachts with motors fitted or having the capacity to fit a motor MUST obtain an RST.

The aim of this course is to give those with little or no experience in handling small powered boats an insight into the safe use of such craft and the equipment they must carry. As well as knowledge of the aspects of seamanship. navigation aids and weather which govern their use.

RST To National Powerboat Handling Certificate

This course is designed as an upgrade course from Recreational Skippers Ticket to the nationally recognised YA National Powerboat Handling Certificate.

The RST to National Power Boat Course covers the additional competencies required to gain this Yachting Australia qualification.  This qualification is required by those wishing to gain YA Instructor and officiating qualifications.

Powerboat Courses Offered at East Fremantle Yacht Club

Recreational Skippers Ticket


The course consists of a Theory and Practical component.

Theory Session

Will take place on a weekday during the evening at EFYC. Will start at 6pm  and will go on until approximately 9pm.

This is a review session followed by the multiple choice theory assessment.  To pass the theory portion of the RST you will need to obtain a mark of 80% or higher.   You will not be able to complete the practical assessment until you successfully pass the theory assessment.
Please note:  This session is designed as a review only and you will need to have a good understanding of the material contained in the RST Workbook before attending.

If you do not yet have a copy of the RST workbook you can download it from the workbook link below, Department of Transport Website or collect  a copy from 1 Essex St, Fremantle.

Please bring to this session:

  • Photo ID.
    If you have a drivers licence with a photo this will both prove who you are and that your eyesight meets the minimum requirement to drive a boat. If you do not have a driver’s license you will need to have an eyesight test completed on an approved form and provide several pieces of alternate identification.  Please give me a call for additional advice if you fall in this category
  • A note book and pen

The Practical training session

Will be run one day over the weekend after the Theory session in the morning at EFYC.  Click here to download the  Recreational Skippers Practical syllabus

Please bring to this session:

  • Photo ID (as per above)
  • Sun safe clothing and sunscreen
  • Please also carefully review tasks 5 and 11 (log off and log on) as these will be assessed right away to save time for other parts of the assessment.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact our on water Events Coordinator on 9339 8111 or

Best of luck with the successful completion of your Recreational Skippers Ticket!

Course Costs:

Theory for members $40. Non members: $70.

Practical for members $90.  Non members: $150

To register please complete this RST Enrolment Form


TBC - Please register your details and we will keep you updated or when we have the next Course Program we will be advertising on this page, our Newsletter and on our Facebook Page.

National Powerboat Handling Certificate

The Recreational Skippers Ticket is a pre-requisite to participate in this course.

Theory and practical sessions will take place during six hours (maximum) starting at 8am on a weekend morning.

Anyone interested in completing this course should register by completing  available from our website or request one from our office.
A minimum of six participants are required and course commencement may be deferred until sufficient numbers are enrolled.


Theory and Practical : $120 members and $185 non members


TBC. For later programs please contact our office.

If you require any further information please contact our Events Coordinator on 9339 8111 or

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