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East Fremantle Yacht Club offers various types of memberships, corporate sponsorships, superb facilities and a variety of club activities including Dinghy Sailing, Keelboat Sailing, Power Boating, Social and Dragon Boating.

Members are part of a lively social scene and have exclusive access to the members’ only gymnasium and sauna. As well as new events, our facilities and services are continuously being updated, creating a fun and friendly place to meet.

If you have any questions, please call the office or email

How To Join

Complete and return the below application form to

Types of Membership - Explained

Types of Membership

Members Benefits Senior Social Family Senior Family
Reciprocal Hon. Life Jnr Country
 Vote AGM
 Executive Committee
 Sub Committees  
 Buy Fuel
 Boat Accommodation
 Access Boat Ramp
 Duty Officer
 Nominate Members
 Upper Car Park
 Lower Car Park
 House Support
 ‘Free’ Gym
 Club Account
 Training Discount
 Jnrs Free

New Members Meeting

All New Members must attend an Information Meeting. Our Members Committee Chairmen will inform you of the rules, procedures, etiquette of the club and major club projects. You are then welcome to enjoy the view and drinks while you socialise. This is a great way ask any questions you may have and to socialise with other New Members. Meetings run for approximately 45 minutes. Confirmation of your attendance through the Club Office is required.

New Members will not be formally accepted to the Club until they have attended an Information Meeting, however access to club facilities will be granted.

Please Read and complete our Application form.  This form also outlines our Schedule of Fees

An acceptance letter confirming your membership will be posted within a week of being approved at the Executive meeting. (Held last Tuesday of each month)

Moiety Application form.  For those that require two payment portions of fees

Benefits and Facilities Explained

1. Membership Benefits


  • Attend and vote at General Meetings.
  • Can be elected as a member of the Executive Committee and Sub Committees.
  • Purchase boat fuel from EFYC on account.
  • Apply for a Pen, Mooring or Dinghy rack.
  • Use the launching ramp or slipway.
  • Participate as a racing skipper, Duty Officer, and nominate new members.
  • Park in lower car park.
  • Quarterly House Support charge.
  • Free use of gym facilities. (Conditions apply – see office staff.)
  • Can operate a Club monthly account.


  • Social members.
  • Crews of yachts, (cannot attend or vote at AGM)
  • Can serve as members of Sub Committee.
  • Park in lower car park.
  • Quarterly House Support charge.
  • Can operate a Club monthly account.


  • Comprises one Senior and one Associat Membership and Junior membership for children Under the
  • age of 18.
  • Free use of gym facilities for Senior Member. (Conditions apply – see office staff)
  • Senior & Associate members can operate a Club monthly account.
  • Quarterly House Support charge for the family.


  • Financial voting member of another approved club.
  • Park upper car park only.
  • Enjoy same rights as Associate (except parking and Club account).
  • No House Support charge.
  • No monthly account.


  • Commodore/Flag Officer of Affiliated Yacht Clubs, local MP, Mayors of Councils.
  • Includes short term visitors from out of State Yacht Clubs, upon application.
  • No House Support charge.
  • Can operate a monthly Club account.


  • Long, Exemplary service to Club.
  • Approved at AGM.
  • House Support optional.
  • Can operate a monthly Club account.


  • Under 18.
  • Must become Assoc/Senior after turning18.
  • No House Support charge.
  • No monthly club account.


  • Reside over 80k from Club.
  • Have same privileges as Senior members.
  • Not required to pay house support charge.
  • Can operate a monthly Club account. Rights of Senior, Associates and Reciprocals etc, (See handout -
  • Constitution sections 5 to 14)

2. Members Monthly Accounts

Monthly Statement Posted
2% Account Fee charged if not paid in the month the statement is posted.

Bar, food, takeaways, club functions, fuel, ice, clothing, temporary accommodation and slipping fees can be charged to Member’s accounts–excluding Junior & Reciprocal memberships.

Member’s Outstanding Accounts
Members accounts which are outstanding for 90 days will result in automatic withdrawal of boom gate and fuel access. Club credit facilities (bar, catering, fuel and club functions) will also be withdrawn for a period of 3 months.

If experiencing financial difficulty, please make arrangements with our Club Manager, John Tissott.

House Support System

A $90 “House Support charge” is raised quarterly on all Senior and Associate members accounts (other than spouse – ie, only one set issued per family). This system was introduced to encourage members to use the club’s food, beverage and merchandise services.

After paying the $90 charge off your account, members have six months to redeem the charge by purchasing food, beverage or merchandise from our hospitality area by swiping their membership card. The first $85 charged on the members card account is offset against the house support charge providing the purchases are made within six months of the charge being raised on the member’s account.

The balance of your house support is available on the hospitality POS system the working day after payment, however, purchases will be offset to house support immediately payment of the $90 charge is received, prior 3.00pm.

Payment Of Accounts
Payment can be made by credit cards over the telephone, card, cheque or cash in person at the Office between 9 to 5 from Monday to Friday, placed in the Office mail box located adjacent to the office door or via Australia Post.

NB : A fee applies on Diners and American Express cards and all card payments for Private Member’s Functions.

3. Communications

Weekend Update – Announcement sheet every Friday in bar & specific events announced at raffle draw.

Club Notice Boards (via Club Manager) and our Weekly Newsletter : Around the Club.

The Newletter can be sent to your email account and a copy is also available from our Office, the Bar or can be downloaded from our website.

4. Parking

Lower Carpark

Boom Gate access is with current card and car sticker only – Senior, Associate, Life and Country members only. Stickers to be placed on bottom right side of windscreen. Motorcycles to be parked next to the wall, east of the launching ramp.

Upper Carpark

Reciprocal members & guests. Town of East Fremantle Ranger – fine if parked in lower car park without a sticker or parking permit.

Trailers- unload dinghies etc and park in upper carpark. No trailers to be parked in lower carpark.

5. Guests / Licensed Section

Covered by Section 28 of Constitution and Section 5 of Club Rules

Maximum of 5 guests on any occasion- unless a private function or prior arrangement made with Club Manager.

Each guest maximum of six visits per year.
Regular guests are required to join the club.

All guests must sign the Visitors Book located in the Family Lounge & Members Bar entries – this is a Club Rule.

Dress standard is shirt with sleeves, footwear – no hats to be worn in bar area other than special occasions, eg, Melbourne Cup. Hats are permitted to be worn on the balcony.

Members are responsible for their guests & their behaviour etc, – children are to be supervised at all times and are permitted in all areas except the Member’s Bar.

Offensive / abusive behaviour will result in removal of that member or guest from the bar and disciplinary action will follow. Bar staff have the discretion to refuse service to visibly intoxicated persons.

Ringing the bell costs 2 jugs of beer for consumption by those present in the bar. If the bell is rung on Friday evening, the “ringer” must buy a round for everyone present.

Wet Bar is for use if you are inappropriately dressed or wearing wet or dirty attire.

A Gold Telephone is located in the Wet Bar.

All enclosed areas of the Clubhouse are “Smoke free”
Including the Function Area, Dining and Bar areas, Observation Deck Family Lounge Balcony and Administration Office. Smoking is permitted on the Function Area Balcony and in the barbecue area.

Restaurant and regular events

Wednesday Night – Weber Meals
1800 – 2030 hrs
Thursday Night – Dinner Theme Nights and specialties from our Kitchen Staff.

Friday to Sunday - Open 12 noon to 5pm.  Cafe Menu and Blackboard Specials are available from Friday to Sunday and they vary every week.

Bars open.

Sunday Morning - Buffet Breakfast from 8am-10.30am.


6. Club Spirit

EFYC have events and voluntary positions that we’d like you to get involved in.  These activities help improve the club and your position as a club member.

Busy Bees – Club Functions

Duty Officer – Senior Members only when Club Activities are scheduled.

Volunteers - are always welcome for the Start Tower, Rescue boats and Canteen.

100 Club - section within club that raises funds for Junior Sailing development.

Please contact the Club office for further information.

7. Hours of Operation


Monday to Thursday 4pm - 11pm
Friday - 12pm to 12am
Saturday – 12pm to 12am

Sunday – 9am to 10pm

Please Note: After 9pm, if less than 6 people in the Bar, staff can close the Bar.


The office is open Monday to Friday – 9am to 5pm

8. Marina

Pens & Moorings – Application through Office

All vessels using club facilities are to be registered with the club eg, sailing yachts, (including vessels with auxiliary engines), Power Yachts, Tenders & Dinghies

All vessels occupying pens in the Marina, on a mooring or using the Launching Ramp, must comply with Club Fire & Safety regulations, be inspected and issued with a Club Fire & Safety Certificate.

An emergency spill kit is located in the yellow bin at the head of the Fuel Jetty (Jetty D). A G6 key is required to access the kit.

Fuel/Ice G6 keys available for purchase through office,

  • 24 hour access to marine fuel and ice.
  • Senior members with vessels use their members swipe card to access the fuel system, after
  • submitting an application for Fuel access.
  • Ice facilities located under the balcony

10. Gym / Sauna

Gym members only – separate application through Office to join the Gym.
Members over 35 require a medical certificate.
7 day card access.
Senior Members are entitled to free monthly usage of the gym facility once the appraisal fee has been paid.

11. Activity Sections

  • Centreboard Sailing – Sat Afternoon (October-April)
  • Keelboat Racing – Sundays (Oct-April)
  • Keelboat Twilight Sailing – Wednesday Starts 6pm (Oct-April)
  • Power Boats – On water activities eg raft up, social events, cruises, day trips to Rotto, Fishing Competitions.
  • Dragon Boating – events & training through summer. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, & Sunday.

    Social – Main functions – Presentation nights, etc
    Variety of other social functions.

12. Club Manager

  • Responsible to Executive Committee. Manages Administration, Bar, Catering & Grounds staff
  • Implementation of Club Policy and procedures
  • Accounting & Administration
  • Copy of Club Constitution and Rules, other publications, instructions, Information etc available from the Office.
  • General enquires during normal business hours.
  • All correspondence to EFYC via Club Manager.

13. Emergency Procedure Manuals

Located in:

  • Bar (on safe)
  • Office
  • Start Tower
  • Emergency Control Cabinet (Meeting Room)
  • Under Bar Notice Board – Member’s Bar
  • Duty Officer Cabinet – Wet Bar
    NB: Emergency spill kit located in yellow bin at the head of the Fuel Jetty (Jetty D). A G6 key is required.

14. Membership Cards

Memberships cards are issued after you attend the New Members Meeting.